Using audio to detect errors in manufacturing

Industrial development work towards Industry 4.0 and 5.0

Operator Training in Virtual Reality

Safe workplaces II – Changes in production and the importance of safety

Productive and safe workplaces where robots and humans work together

Collaboration and digitization of value chains is the way forward!

Hitta dina vägar till rätt automation

Better work environment with Random Bin Picking

Roadmap for Sustainable Development for SME - Examensarbete

Volvo Cars is moving towards an increasingly data-driven existence

Building blocks for successfully implementing Smart Maintenance

Digitalised production - a holistic perspective and supportive working methods

Cooperation between customer and supplier - a key to development

Datadriven maintenance

SKF Solution Factory

Smart Maintenance

Increased competitiveness through automation and robotics via Robotlyftet

Design challenges for sustainable interaction with social artificial agents

VR/AR as a tool for skills development

Cirkulärt för en grönare industri

IT säkerhet - en expertintervju

Digitalisation - change the right thing with the right data

Additive manufacturing at Sandvik

Leadership and Innovation - interview with an expert

Delegation for a circular economy

The digital lighthouse in manufacturing

Collaborative robot applications - interview with an expert

Circular economy - interview with an expert

Sustainable production - interview with an expert

Competence exchange within Swedish Industry

Spelifiering i teknikutbildningar för att öka gemenskap och mångfald

Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality of Additive Manufactured components

Bildigenkänning för effektivare produktion

Robotutveckling mot flexibilitet - fyra robotrevolutioner

AI och robotar - när händer det?

Flexibel automation med hög mix och låg volymproduktion

Building a flexible factory

Flexibel automation

Möjligheter med VR och AR

AI och framtiden

Flexible production with high availability

Virtuell träning ökar säkerheten i industrin

Flexibility and connection

Holistic view of digitalization

Seminarium om automatisk kitting och internlogistik

Digital mognadsgrad

The importance of a well-functioning and flexible digital infrastructure in dynamic production environment: Case study Scania

Göteborgs Spårvägar digitaliserar sitt underhållsarbete

When a small business builds a robot application

Digitalisering - Fokus på fältservice

Framtidens Fastighetsunderhåll – Digitala Tvillingar i fokus

Underhållssystem – varför välja molnet?

Guidebok för AI - skapa värde ur stora datamängder

Industry 4.0 meets Bank 4.0

Opportunities and challenges of digitization in digital value chains

Maintenance Technician 4.0

Skandia Elevator: the family company that drove change by changing both customer and staff

Skandia Elevator: the family company that drove change by changing both customer and staff

Sustainability in focus

Internet of Things och nya affärsmodeller

Minimizing unplanned downtime using data collection and processing

From Egosystem to Ecosystem- How FM Mattsson took on Internet of Things

Quality control in the assembly plant

Digital platforms

Flexible production and Next Generation employees

Connecting Devices using the latest 5G Technology

Stepping up food industry automation — safely, softly, simply

Mass Customization - Automated local production with the new flexible manufacturing methods

How 3D printing is changing the way we solve problems

The wireless shop floor

IoT for bolted joints

Robotbranschens nya kunder: småföretagen

Exempel på hur AI kan användas

Examples of connected systems and machines

Examples of smart automation

My co-worker is a robot

A milestone in 3D printing, additive manufacturing

3D skrivare ger fantastiska möjligheter

3D model of production plant

Three Box solution - Simultan affärsoptimering och affärsutveckling

Exoskeleton is tested by Volvo Group Trucks Operations in Curitiba

En ny industriell revolution

Kvalitetssäkring med Azure Custom Vision Service

Tips vid framtagning av instruktionsfilmer

In the past, the machines were driven until they broke

Praktiska exempel av användandet av Cobots i tysk industri (artikeln är på engelska)

Product design for Circular economy (eng)

Learning through augmented and virtual reality

Podd om nya affärsmöjligheter och din digitaliseringsresa

Digital optimering av produktegenskaper

IT-infrastruktur i Smarta Fabriker

Case study: YuMi manufacturing sockets at ABB’s plant in the Czech Republic

VR within Service Engineering

3D printed plastic parts in serial production

Digitaliserat underhåll med MOST

Re-Made in Sweden – Partnerskap i hållbarhet

CGM/ABB AB om framtidens hållbara fabrik - attraktivt arbete, AI och miljö

Digital measurement of employee satisfaction in real-time

Application of CPPS

Levels of Automation - a triology (part 2)

Cecilia Berlin on the global objective: Decent Work and Economic Growth

3D scanning promotes flexibility in production

AR/VR application – examples from ABB

Good Solutions presents factors for success for the implementation of data-driven production monitoring

Checking machines’ health at SKF

The digital factory of the future places new demands on maintenance

Smart meetings based on the MEET model

Podcast about Smart Maintenance

SKFs Proactive Reliability Maintenance (PRM)

Attractive work in Smart Factories

Point cloud models of Smart Factories

Training operators in Smart Factories

Knowledge transfer with the help of films and QR codes in Smart Factories

Machinebook – like Facebook, but for machines

Solving problems with 3D printing in Smart Factories

QR codes and films for instructions

Swerea IVFs Guide to servicification

Smart Maintenance and using 3D printers

Digitalisation – how can I get started?

CGM/ABB AB explain how you can take charge of your control room

Plant alignment and scanning

How can we make use of smart robots?

The Internet of Things provides a better overview for ABB

Podcast about AR/VR applications

Virtual Commissioning in Smart Factories – thesis project

Examples of Remote guidance in use

The use of AR in assembly – Installers can view the instructions in their smart glasses