IoT for bolted joints

Strainlabs provides a turn-key system with the ability to precisely track, analyze and report the condition of an operational bolted joint, regardless of its location in the world. For the user, this means reducing cost by automating e.g. inspection whilst increasing application safety.

Strainlabs Edig

Strainlabs AB is a tech-company that has implemented IoT and Industry 4.0 on bolted joints. More specifically Strainlabs AB has developed a system for Condition Monitoring, Condition based Maintenance and data collection for bolted joints. The system is comprised of a sensor placed inside a standard hex head bolt. The sensor performs measurements and wirelessly transmits data over a router to a cloud service for analysis and reporting. The process is entirely automatic.

The crew at Strainlabs AB are specialist engineers within bolted joint technology, micro-electronics, radio communication and cloud computing.

Most applications comprised of several components that are bolted together. Over time a bolted joint loose performance due to natural changes such as e.g. settlements and material relaxation. Therefore, most industries stipulate some form of inspection to avoid failure and subsequent costs as well a loss of production time. Inspection is performed, often, at high risk and cost. Strainlabs AB can save both time and money whilst reducing the risk for humans by automating the inspection process. In addition, even the environmental impact is reduced when not having to transport yourself and equipment equipment to the bolted joints.

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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2019-03-07  |  Authored by Johan Bengtsson