We regularly publish chronicles from people in business, education, the associations and other sections of society. The common denominator is that they have something important and interesting to say about digitalization in the industry.

The Chronicles are personally held, and the views are the Chronicles' own.

Martin Kurvde: Resilience - What is it? 3 June 2024

Olle Söderqvist: Collaboration can lead to better digitalization 3 April 2024

Johan Tjernell: Conversion for the production of factories for protective materials possible thanks to Husmuttern's crowd development 17 January 2024

Anna Davidsson och Magnus Widfeldt: Elektrifieringen inom fordonsbranschen leder till högvolymautomation 9 November 2023

Jesper Knapp, Klas Moberg, Victor Bergström: AI - Possibilities and Limitations 21 September 2023

Christian Silvasti: It starts with Top Management 11 April 2023

Marie Nilsson: Competence development is about believing in people 24 January 2023

Jan Oscarsson: The automation industrys important role in a circular economy 29 November 2022

Catarina Berglund: To the new government: IndTech strengthens Swedish competitiveness 11 October 2022

Mia ILKKO: Jealous of the superman Maintenance Manager? 23 May 2022

San Giliyana: Smart maintenance using industry 4.0 technologies 21 April 2022

Ylva Amrén, Region Manager & Åsa Sandberg Business Unit Manager: Too small to influence? 8 March 2022

Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder: IT security in a digital age - can we connect everything and protect ourselves at the same time? 13 December 2021

Magnus Mörstam: Collaboration and digitization in value chains is the way forward! 2 November 2021

Thomas Nilsson: Challenges and opportunities for Swedish industry 27 September 2021

Sandra Mattsson, forskare: Automatisering, kultur och att låta en liten teknikförändring bana vägen 20 August 2021

Anna-Karin Jönbrink: Sustainability and Digitization go hand in hand 25 May 2021

Maria Nordström: Stronger together by sharing data in forestry actors network 22 March 2021

Frida Kjidderö: How do you succeed with digital automation? 2 February 2021

Martin Friis: The time of the “Digitala Stambanan” is now! 7 December 2020

Folke Höglund: Quality 4.0 leads to better quality work! 28 October 2020

Åsa Fast-Berglund: To increase the interaction between man and machine, we must become better at communication 31 August 2020

Terese Jansson: Digitization requires more than "Digitization" 27 May 2020

Clas Tengström: Connected machines give the operator peace of mind 13 May 2020

Carl Heath: The crisis, digitization and lifelong learning 3 April 2020

Darja Isaksson: Digital transformation and Sweden's competitiveness 4 December 2019

Johan Söderström: Digitization - a potential for a sustainable future 26 November 2019