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Jealous of the superman Maintenance Manager?

Publicerad: 23 May 2022

Do you also have a super person for your Maintenance Manager? A boss with extra everything. One who knows everything, who both develops the maintenance organization and smoothly learns the operation.

In the maintenance industry, we place enormous demands on Maintenance Managers, both in depth & breadth of knowledge & experience. EFNMS ensures that we maintain a high quality of maintenance personnel, which gives everyone the right conditions to develop competitive operations. An EFNMS-certified Maintenance Manager is good for his cause.

Something that makes the Maintenance Manager successful, or really all managers and leaders, and that always gives you superpowers back: Be sensitive to how you can contribute to the continuous development of employees, see what opportunities there are in the people. Do you have a future clever System Engineer, or the next sharp Kravare with strong domain knowledge? Leaders have an absolute responsibility to develop competence in analysis, data, digitization - in order to compete with a data-driven maintenance business.

Not everyone is always eager to jump on an education, but man is always curious.

We learn all the time - in new collaborations, in new projects and in new environments. Something that may only be perceived in the corner of the eye when we walk past a stand at a trade fair can at the next meeting of the same subject suddenly become attached to an interest or a desire to learn more about.

The knowledge platform edig is an extremely good input and smart source for acquiring knowledge about current topics and concepts. Networks, LinkedIn and other forums can also be a simple source of news and exchange experiences. You do not have to hang out in forums to assert yourself and stand out, but interacting provides a faster exchange and can increase the employee's attractiveness, which then also gives an increased attraction value to the company.

The more insights about opportunities ahead, the greater the human curiosity. With the right support, we can get more people to take the step to a successful further education.

So, a superhuman to Maintenance Manager takes care of the future, and lets the entire maintenance business learn to continuously develop.

Published 2022-05-23  |  Authored by Mia ILKKO