Clas Tengström Bror Tonsjö AB

Connected machines give the operator peace of mind

Publicerad: 13 May 2020

Connecting the machines in production and making decisions based on data is not just a way to increase productivity. It is also a way to create peace in the factory because visualization of data allows the operator to plan his work better.

Tonsjö AB is a family business started in 1962 and today has about 100 employees. We offer advanced cutting processing in metallic materials to customers with high demands on quality. In recent years, we have invested considerable resources in connecting our machines, collecting data and visualizing it in order to increase our productivity. It has been an educational journey that, among other things, resulted in us receiving the Grand Supplier Award 2019 and being nominated for the Smart Industry 2018 award. Creating an attractive work with digitization as an enabler has been something we focused on and if you want to know more, I recommend the film Visualized reality creates smart security, which was made by RISE with funds from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Published 2020-05-13  |  Authored by Clas Tengström