Knowledge transfer with the help of films and QR codes in Smart Factories

A common problem in many factories is that only one person knows how to operate a specific machine or carry out a certain operation. This issue also arose during the Smart Factories project. There was only one person who knew how to adjust the pressure between the cylinders, which was simply not viable. The problem of transferring knowledge was resolved with the help of films and QR codes.


In order to punch the cardboard sheet for the VR glasses, a rotary die cutter was constructed in the Smart Factories project. However, head designer Stefan Rydén was the only person who knew how to adjust the punching pressure. This is adjusted by varying the vertical position of the upper cylinder. The process must be carried out in the right order using the right tools. Rydén instructed Albin and Fabian, upper secondary school trainees from Göteborgsregionens Tekniska Gymnasium (GTG) in just 30 minutes. They then made a film – a one-point lesson – detailing the order to be followed as well as the tools required. A smartphone was used to record the video, with everything filmed in one sequence. Only two takes were required until they were happy with the result. Subtitles were then added in Swedish as well as English. Experience from previous projects suggested it was important to use subtitles, as not all users can speak Swedish, and the film should be able to be viewed in loud environments.

To ensure the film was accessible it was uploaded to YouTube, with a QR code also created. The QR code was placed on the machine, to enable just-in-time learning, and on the door of the safety cage, along with a number of other QR codes for instructional films. In order to minimise the length of operational stoppages, the maintenance engineer or operator must be able to watch the film before the process is interrupted.

Now anyone can adjust the punching pressure by watching the film, with the factory no longer dependent on the expertise of one person. You can view the students’ film below.

20200608 075316
QR code placed on the machine.
20200608 075207
QR codes placed on the door of the safety cage


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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2018-01-28  |  Authored by Johan Bengtsson