QR codes enable quicker transfer of information - thesis project

This is a summary of a number of studies undertaken at companies in 2014, which culminated in a thesis project and a scientific article.

Qr Truck
QR codes, which are linked to a film explaining how day-to-day supervision of trucks is to be carried out.

The thesis project explains that a combination of QR codes and video as instructions are contextual, mobile and just-in-time. Being referred to content directly without having to look for information was considered to be positive. The gap between users and information is narrowing, with knowledge more readily accessible. Learning on the job, where users see that skills can be applied in practice right away, increases motivation and thereby also efficiency. Training films linked to QR codes represent an effective learning tool in industry. These are cost-efficient, experts are not required to be available on site to the same extent as for expert assistance or text- and image-based instructions, information provided to new starters is standardised and potentially more educational than in other forms of instruction and novices have access to unlimited time with media-based expert assistance.


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This article is categorised as Advanced  |  Published 2017-09-22  |  Authored by Åsa Fast-Berglund