Examples of Remote guidance in use

Remote Guidance is a solution that lets you see through another person’s eyes and guide them – as if you were there. The technology that makes this possible is AR, Augmented Reality and by that is meant that reality is reinforced by a digital layer being placed over reality.

There are many areas to use Remote Guidance. An example is if a machine stops and a service technician needs to be called. With increasing expectations of service technicians in the field and with the requirement to quickly rectify the error and get into operation, Remote Guidance is a possibility. An expert could sit in a location far from the machine and guide an operator who does the troubleshooting on the machine locally. This way of working would be time-saving as the expert does not have to be flown in. As travel can be reduced, the cost and environmental impact of travel also decreases. Remote Guidance is also an opportunity for training and knowledge transfer as an experienced person can share their knowledge to another person remotely.

The expert who guides will see the same thing as the person being guided through the camera that is with the person being guided. The person who are guided can either use a pair of smart glasses or a smartphone. The expert's hands are captured by a camera against a black background and then projected in front of the one being guided.

In summary, Remote Guidance is a smart way of working that exploits the opportunities that digitalisation provides. Below is a film showing how Remote Guidance works with the help of an application from the company XM Reality.


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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2017-08-22  |  Authored by Åsa Fast-Berglund