Point cloud models of Smart Factories

So which one is the original – the physical factory or the digital copy? A digital copy of the factory in the form of a point cloud was generated in the Smart Factories project. Created by 3D scanning, the point cloud model can be used to visualise production, among other things.

20170901 105437
Eric, Sourabh and Daniel from Virtual Manufacturing.

Working alongside partner company Virtual Manufacturing – a provider of lean-based production and logistics development solutions – a point cloud model of the factory was created as part of the Smart Factories project. It took half a day to 3D scan the factory using a laser scanner, with the work carried out by Eric Gustafsson, Sourabh Bhoje and Daniel Johansson. A point cloud model of the factory can be used to compare reality with a CAD model or perform measurements, for example.

As the factory was modernised and relocated following the scan, it is the physical factory which is the original. Even so, the point cloud model forms a valuable reference for when the factory is next relocated. For example, the new premises on Lindholmen in which the factory will be based have also been scanned, making it easy to place the digital copy of the factory in the area and assess if, and how, the facility can be accommodated. The film below features a point cloud model of the factory.


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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2018-01-29  |  Authored by Johan Bengtsson