SKF Solution Factory

SKF Solution Factory offers service and solutions through digital value chains.

Change in how we deliver value to customers SKF provides reliable rotation to industries worldwide. Their common goal is to maximize existing resources with machines and processes that work without interruption and that run faster and more efficiently. For a business to be productive, competitive and profitable, efficient and unbroken supply chains are crucial. This places higher demands on inventories. They are used more and more and have to last longer without any downtime. Downtime is fatal for companies today. With a fee-based business model, customers buy productivity (operating hours) and peace of mind. With digital processes and by monitoring inventories, we can help customers so that production works at all times.

The value offer REP is a commercial relationship where SKF provides the customer with functions for a fixed recurring fee where the entire SKF portfolio is used: bearings, seals, lubrication systems, condition monitoring, analysis of machine conditions, reconditioning, oil regeneration and many other technical services. In this business model, the needs and ambitions of customers and SKF coincide, where both benefit from improved productivity and the waste of resources in the production process being eliminated.


A strong and complete offer for increased customer value with SKF as a partner, which contributes to the circular economy.


This is what one works with at Solution Factory in Gothenburg. Welcome and see how it works!

The video is in Swedish.


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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2022-01-25  |  Authored by Maja Eriksson