Checking machines’ health at SKF

Getting up and running with condition control of machinery should be easy. This is the basic idea behind SKF Enlight QuickCollect. SKF Enlight QuickCollect is to be launched on the Swedish market at the Underhåll (Maintenance) Trade Fair in 2018. Enlight QuickCollect is a wireless portable sensor which requires neither expertise in condition control diagnostics nor extensive training in order to be used. Even inexperienced users can begin to monitor the health of their rotating equipment.

By using SKF Enlight QuickCollect in combination with a mobile application, it is possible to easily identify the condition of machinery and share inspection, process and machine health data with relevant personnel. The data obtained can also be sent to SKF’s experts for analysis and advice. Designed to withstand industrial settings, SKF QuickCollect is also classified for use in explosive environments. With a battery time of eight hours, the sensor measures vibration velocity, envelope and temperature. SKF Enlight QuickCollect consists of the three components below: QuickCollect, a wireless, portable sensor, the QuickCollect app, which can be downloaded to smartphones free of charge and the DataCollect app, which can be downloaded to tablets for a low monthly fee.

The single greatest challenge associated with improving maintenance routines for mechanical equipment is gaining access to data. The QuickCollect sensor and apps make this task not only easier, but more cost-efficient than ever before. The basic level of this system’s monitoring system does not require a lot of training or highly skilled vibration analysts. It provides immediate updates on machine health and the option to perform diagnostics, and you can also connect to expert assistance whenever required.

– Barrie Rogers, Product Line Manager for SKF Enlight QuickCollect.


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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2018-03-22  |  Authored by Sandra Mattsson