Machinebook – like Facebook, but for machines

How is it possible to communicate with machines socially? One solution is Machinebook, which is like Facebook, but for machines. The machines in the factory post status messages in the same way as humans do on social media platforms. This enables you to track machines’ CPIs and thereby improve production, for example.

Machinebook 2
The image on the left shows the menu bar in the Smart Factories app. Select the Machine health tab to gain access to all of the messages in the feed which have been posted by the machines (image on the right). For example, the rolling die cutter says “Everything is working well now. My efficiency is currently 70%.”

Machinebook enables humans, machines and services to communicate and work together. It could change your corporate culture in relation to social cooperation through motivational CPIs, and provide operators and maintenance personnel with access to information and the opportunity to increase the value of data with social methods of communication. As part of the Smart Factories project, partner company Cybercom, who developed the app for the project, has developed a feature whereby anyone who downloads the app can gain access to the status of the various machines in the factory. We decided to call this tab of the app Machine Health. On a regular basis, or when a special event takes place in the factory, the machines post messages in the same way as people on social media. These messages could be about the status of materials, energy consumption, OEE figures or the level of ink in the printer. The information to be posted, and when this takes place, is customised in line with the Smart Factories project. Ensuring the information is visual and easily accessible has a number of benefits, for example, reducing production stoppages and boosting productivity by improving and stabilising working performance.

Machinebook 3
By clicking on the message posted by the machine, you can obtain more information on the specific machine (image on the left) and gain access to all messages posted previously (image on the right).

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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2018-01-28  |  Authored by Johan Bengtsson