Sustainable production - interview with an expert

In this podcast Greta Braun from Gothenburg Technical College talks with Björn Johansson about sustainable production and his experiences and research. Björn is a professor at the department of production systems at Chalmers University of Technology and researches about sustainability aspects regarding production through using virtual tools to analyze and improve production systems. The goal is to create and improve production systems in industries in order to achieve a sustainable future regarding environmental effects, social aspects and economy.

In this podcast Greta Braun and Björn Johansson talk about sustainable production. Björn is professor in sustainable production at Chalmers University of Technology and researches about analyzing and improving production systems through using virtual tools.

In the talk Björn Johansson talks about three aspects - social, economical and ecological sustainability - and explains that often not all aspects are taken into consideration. It is a challenge to find a solution because a problem often is complex and for example it can happen that it has advantages for the environment but at the same time it is worse for the social work environment.

The podcast is in Swedish.


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This article is categorised as Intermediate  |  Published 2020-08-21  |  Authored by Greta Braun