Podcast on Sustainable products

What is meant by sustainability? Sustainability – or sustainable development – is a broad field. Fundamentally, it is about the desire to take care of our planet and pass it on to coming generations in a good state. In this episode, we will take a look at sustainability from an environmental perspective, focusing on development of products and materials. What should we bear in mind when designing a new product, do we always have to use virgin raw materials or can we choose recyclable equivalents?

Dsc 0010 960X540 Anna Runa Henrik
Anna Rúna Kristinsdóttir, a researcher in the field of energy and the environment, and Henrik Oxfall, a researcher in polymer materials, discuss sustainability from the perspective of material and product development.

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This article is categorised as Introduction  |  Published 2018-04-24  |  Authored by Karin Wilson