Attractive work

Attractive work harnesses the potential of digitalisation in order to create good working conditions, and is a key factor in the competitiveness of industry. Attractive working conditions may include correctly customised tools and support at work regarding training and well-being.

A key element of an attractive working environment is that everyone feels included. There are two major, key challenges which can be assisted by digitalisation: 1) demographic changes and 2) increased stress and psycho-social ill-health at work. Demographic changes in Sweden mean that the working-age group is becoming more varied (with younger and older workers on the increase), which means workstations may need to be adapted to the individual in relation to, for example, variations in sight and strength. Stress and psycho-social ill-health are on the increase in Sweden, which is why it is important to take care of the operators and personnel we have, to ensure they can work for a long time and remain healthy.

Key factors in attractive work include safety, skills development, ergonomics, the physical work environment, the organisational and social work environment, well-being, leadership, learning and individual adaptation.

Basic concepts include norm-critical and inclusive work environment and social sustainability.

A norm-critical, inclusive approach means being aware of current discrimination legislation and adopting a critical stance to the norms existing at your company. This involves the use of language and modified behaviour in order to ensure everyone feels part of the group. This leads to improvements in the work environment as well as the company becoming a more attractive employer. Find out more about how your company can be inclusive and norm-critical here.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden defines social sustainability as follows: “A socially sustainable society is one that is fair and equal, in which people can live a good life in good health and with no unjustified differences.” In an industrial context, social sustainability is associated with good working conditions such as equal pay and fair treatment.