Learning situations and challenges in industrial digitalisation - thesis project

The need for knowledge and experience about the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation is crucial to being competitive today. The project Smarta Fabriker offers an activity-based workshop experience that teaches about digitization topics where the degree project is performed to improve the learning process.

Lärandesituationer Inom Industriell Digitalisering
Johan and Greta present their thesis project.

The thesis project has applied the use of storytelling as a form of learning during the creation of a workshop. Where a story is defined as a narrative explanation that connects several events to a real context to create an emotional connection in the audience. This creates a story that stays in people's heads and creates knowledge to be able to pass on, as opposed to only explaining with facts or statistics.

The following points are things that should be met when creating a story:

  • Personalize the content
  • Find an associated context
  • Creating heroes
  • ”Stick to the story”

The workshop that was created was evaluated by examining how well the visitors remembered the content of the workshop with storytelling after just over two weeks after its implementation. Where the result showed that visitors remember more of the content from the workshop where storytelling is applied in relation to a workshop without storytelling.

Another result from the thesis project is the identification of challenges in industrial digitization within companies, where there seems to be a need to change the culture, and thus the staff within a company, to be more prone to change and transparent throughout the company hierarchy in order to undergo a successful change process. The technology required to succeed with effective digital solutions already exists, the challenge only seems to be to be able to use it and apply it in a profitable business model.

Culture Technology People
Picture of how culture, people and technology interact.


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