Flexible Production and Next Generation Employees (Hannover 2019)


The target group for this education module is the students that work as guides in Demo 11, Flexible Production and Next Generation, at Hannover fair 1-5 april 2019. The education module can also be of interest for visitors at the fair that want to learn more about what is shown in the booth.


The training module will serve as a hub for knowledge transfer and as a complement to Demo 11 at the Hannover fair 1-5 April 2019.


The students who work as guides in Demo 11 should learn the content of the training module in order to explain in a pedagogical and trustworthy manner what is meant by flexible production.


The factory of the future is flexible and the next generation employees is important to incubate new digital solutions and develop our companies to a sustainable future. With the game changing capabilities of 5G, mobile communications can enable the future of manufacturing by connecting warehousing, logistics and assembly. By optimizing the entire product value chain, the goal of mass customization is within reach. The future of manufacturing is wireless, with interconnecting free moving assets controlled by humans, allowing for greater decision power and the creation of bespoke and adaptable workflows. By exploiting smarter storage and empowering collaborative robots with mobility, a redesign of operations is finally possible. Instead of performing repetitive and ad hoc tasks in between automation, work will become programmable and by following a “made to order” logic, it will even become monetized.

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Johan Bengtsson, Göteborgs Tekniska College