Smart Maintenance-rig

During the year 2022, the project Production for Future together with ABB and SKF developed a rig to demonstrate Smart Maintenance through ABB's and SKF's connected components and sensors. The rig will be displayed at fairs to show how components and sensors can be used in industry.

Smart maintenance is used to facilitate work in industry. With the help of connected sensors, it is possible to determine if something is wrong or if a component needs to be replaced. Connecting components can save both time and money because errors can be corrected before they become too large and machines do not need to be stopped and checked unnecessarily.

Students who have had internships in the project have helped design the rig, as well as come up with various layout suggestions. They have also built and connected the components. Below is a video created by two interns, Emil and Filip where they explain how the rig is started.

The rig has a rotating shaft with sensors. By pulling a lever, the axis is slowed down and the sensors react, which is shown on a screen.

The rig will be displayed at various fairs and when we have workshops and has at the time of writing been at the Maintenance Fair 2022.

Here you can see a video by two of the projects interns, Emil and Felix where they explain hos to start the rig.


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This article is categorised as Introduction  |  Published 2022-09-12  |  Authored by Matilda Hurtig