Maintenance in the smart factory – thesis project

The thesis project is focused on viable maintenance solutions for the Smart Factories project. It offers suggestions on how the factory which manufactures VR glasses as part of the Smart Factories project can benefit from the possibilities provided by digitalisation. Proposals on how production could be made more maintenance-friendly were also made, together with changes to construction which reduce maintenance requirements.

Smart Maintenace 1

Part of the thesis project involved studying the way in which vibration sensors were used to carry out Predictive Maintenance (PdM), whereby the health of machines is monitored and analysed. Future scenarios are foretasted through comparison of new and historical data. Maintenance software was also installed in order to support maintenance workers in decision making. The software was connected to the vibration sensors in order to enable online monitoring and remote control in real-time.

Illustration of collecting data and information visualization.

A key lesson learned during the thesis project was that the possibilities provided by digitalisation ought to be harnessed in the design phase when building a factory from a maintenance perspective. Below are a number of images showing how construction was changed to make the factory more maintenance-friendly.

Smart Maintenace 2
A comparison between the old and new design of the chamber, with moving parts removed completely.
Smart Maintenace 3
A comparison between the old and new design of the input into the rotary die cutter. Moving parts have been reduced or reinforced.
Smart Maintenace 4
A comparison between the old and new design of the lift. Moving parts have been reinforced.


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