Smart sensors make intelligent motors

Now your motors themselves can let you know when they require service.

ABB’s new solution for condition monitoring of low-voltage induction motors represents a brand new concept within the IoT (Internet of Things). The motor is equipped with a sensor unit with simple hand grips attached to the frame. The external transmitter monitors signals which are assigned to the motor’s status parameters. Data from the sensor is then wirelessly transmitted using the units’ built-in Bluetooth® functionality, either via the user’s mobile device, such as a smartphone, or a gateway solution, to a secure, cloud-based server.

To find out more, click on the link or watch the film below.

Motor Sensor
Utilising smart sensor technology, robust motors are converted to intelligent machines capable of flagging when they need to be serviced. Source: ABB AB
Motor Sensor
Med hjälp av ny smart sensorteknik förvandlas robusta motorer till intelligent maskinutrustning som själv meddelar när den behöver service. Källa: ABB AB


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This article is categorised as Introduction  |  Published 2017-12-12  |  Authored by Sandra Mattsson