Sell, buy, develop and collaborate on a global market

As a Swedish company, there are several different support functions that make it easier to sell, buy and collaborate on a global market. One such example is the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). EEN is the world's largest business network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions. EEN is found in more than 60 countries spread over more than 600 offices and in Sweden, the network is represented in offices in 20 cities.

With EEN's services, Swedish companies can get help finding customers and collaborations all over the world. EEN can also provide advice on business in international markets, EU legislation and standards and IPR. EEN also offers services such as matchmaking events and business travel.

Within the ONE network there is also the search tool , which helps the network's various actors to find the help they are looking for in their development.


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This article is categorised as Introduction  |  Published 2019-05-14  |  Authored by Karin Wilson